Wednesday, May 31, 2023

3 Hand Pressure Points to Try Today

3 Hand Pressure Points to Try Today

Find the pressure point, take deep breaths, and get yourself back on track. Here are three pressure points to try now.

In traditional Chinese medicine, pressure points are believed to be spots on the body that can offer health benefits. It’s the idea that applying pressure to these points can help soothe stress, relieve pain, and even help you sleep.

Here are three pressure points to try:

For Stress, Try: The Palm

Make a loose fist. Press on the spot just below where your pinky touches your palm for five deep breaths.

For Sleep, Try: The Inner Wrist

With your palm facing up, place two fingers on your wrist, directly below your pinky finger. Apply pressure for five deep breaths.

For Headaches, Try: The Hand Valley

With your palm facing down, find the firm skin between your thumb and pointer finger. Apply pressure or massage the spot in small circles.

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