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5 Detox Diet Tips To Prepare Your Body Ahead Of Festive Indulgence

5 Detox Diet Tips To Prepare Your Body Ahead Of Festive Indulgence

Festive Detox: A dietary plan that is focused on cleansing the body from the inside can be a powerful tool to rejuvenate ourselves.

The festive season comes with a lot of fervour and enthusiasm. It is common to attend parties and gorge on deep-fried goodies and plenty of mithai. This leads to health issues due to overeating and cheating on our diet plan. So it is wise to formulate a detox plan and put it in place well ahead of time. A delicately prepared detox plan helps our body get prepared to take sportingly even a little indulgence during festivals. A dietary plan that is focused on cleansing the body from the inside can be a powerful tool to rejuvenate ourselves. Increasing the intake of fibre, fruits and green, leafy vegetables is a time-tested strategy to keep the stomach healthy. There are also many readily available remedies like ajwain, saunf, ginger etc that can keep the digestive tract fighting fit.

You can consult a nutritionist for a personalised diet plan and also follow these simple tips to begin your detox journey. Remember, however, that detoxing the body is heavily dependent on discipline and following the diet strictly, even during the festive season.

Here Are 5 Detox Diet Tips To Prepare Yourself Ahead Of The Festive Indulgences:

1. Eating Habits

The first thing in any plan is moderation. Eat moderately but also increase intake of fresh fruits and leafy vegetables. They ensure you have enough fibre and roughage. Have lots of Vitamin C-rich foods. Fermented foods and whole grains will keep bloating and indigestion at bay. Fruits like papaya, pineapple, and apples have great detoxing properties. Berries supply an ample amount of nutrients and antioxidants.

2. Drinks

Keep yourself fully hydrated at all times. Drink a lot of water. While at it, include fluids like coconut water, buttermilk, lemonades and orange juice. For herbs, you rinse cumin, neem leaves, basil and carom seeds and drink the water. These will supply the vital nutrients to ensure you don't have a stomach upset.

3. Exercise

Exercise should be a vital component of any detox plan. It helps in digestion and keeps the digestion-related functions pumped up. Try yoga in the morning and evening. You can also go on a long walk, which relieves stress and also regulates metabolism.

4. Adequate Sleep

Detoxifying the mind is as important as detoxifying the body. Many people underestimate the importance of a good night's sleep. A night of good sleep allows the brain to flush out toxins and recover from the day's wear and tear. Hence, make sure you get enough sleep (8 hours) every night.

5. Alcohol And Caffeinated Drinks

Stop drinking alcohol. If you are finding it difficult to stop at one go, reduce its intake gradually. Substitute it with healthy drinks but not packaged juices. Go fresh. Also, take caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee moderately.

Follow these simple tips and you are all set for the festive dishes that are rich in calories and carry the potential to fiddle with your health.

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